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Before working with Chandan, it did not occur to me that the loss of my loved ones affected how I approached certain aspects of my life and how I viewed myself. I rarely discuss anything about my personal losses to other people, so I was initially hesitant and a little skeptical about the need for coaching around the topic of grief.
During my work with Chandan, I discovered the depth and 



value of the grieving process, specifically connecting how the loss I felt every year around the anniversary of my grandfather impacted me. 
As a result of working with Chandan, I was able to carry the voice of my grandfather’s encouraging words to me with me into some of my current situations. I felt more freedom to be myself and peace in knowing that my grandfather would be smiling each step of the way.

Alissha G    Florida


Before working with Chandan, I felt overwhelmed with my emotions regarding my relationship with my mother. I had spent a lifetime trying to cope with this difficult relationship on my own. I finally realized I was failing, and I needed some help. 
I was hesitant to talk with someone as I felt a stigma associated with seeking help. I felt I should be able to deal with things on my own or that it would make me seem weak. In some crazy way I felt 


seeking help wouldn’t work anyway, and this was just the way my life would be. 

During my work with Chandan, I realized that coaching is not therapy and that I would not be dwelling on the past but rather learning the tools to make my future better. After every session, I felt accomplished and much more in control.
As a result of working with Chandan, I learned the tools I needed to manage my emotions. I learned that my issues were not necessarily going to go away but when they arose, I could use the tools I acquired to face them, deal with them, and move forward in a positive way. 
I feel happier, more confident, more in control, and much more at peace. I would definitely recommend Chandan. 

Cynthia L.    Ontario

Grief coaching was instrumental in assisting me in releasing many months of stored grief. That came to a head with the death of my close loved ones. I so appreciated Chandan’s nonjudgement, sensitivity, and openness to share her journey. She is also supportive and caring. She helped me through every step of my journey.  I can’t begin to put my gratitude in words. Chandan, you helped me so much when I needed to be helped. I thank you for being such an incredible grief coach and for making me believe in myself when I really needed to.


C. Peterson Maryland




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